Solitaire Crossing Gimmick Tutorial (Version 2)


Another great visual card slice effect, different form version 1

Please watch the video to see the effect.

NB: Please be aware that you will need to purchase a certain something locally to make this gimmick.
It will cost you an extra 5 USD approx.

Links too where to purchase the certain something locally will be provided in the online watching area. (available after purchase in your dashboard after login)

This is the card slice effect Solitaire Crossing gimmick V2 construction video only (no gimmick supplied).

It will take approx. 5 to 10 minutes to make this gimmick.

You will need certain craft items to create the gimmick

A sharp craft knife
A ruler
A glue stick
Playing cards
A certain secret something (links to purchase this locally are provided)

(Click the little RED ARROW to view performance video)

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