Virtual Sympathy


Geno DevIlle’s version of the Sympathy cards (also known as the sympathetic cards)

A classic card plot, two sets of cards from two suits are removed from a deck, Ace through 10, one set is order and set is mixed. In a flash the ordered set remixes itself to match the already mixed set.

The Sympathy cards or Sympathetic cards has been a winner effect for many years, many true greats have added their twist to this classic effect. Geno’s version is designed for a virtual setting where a spectator cannot or is not able to shuffle the cards. The routine is full of reenforcement to show all the cards are mixed and ran-domed at all times.

this is a download only and no gimmicks are included with this version.

NB:You will need a set of double backed cards to perform this routine

(Click the video ICON to view performance video)


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