A friend told me about the VIP section, what is that?

When you are eligible for VIP status you will be informed by us.

How do I see my downloads & watch my content?

All your downloads and content as well as account details are under your dashboard.

1: After Login, Just click MY ACCOUNT to the top menu bar.

2: You will Now see all your dashboard option.

3: To watch online, select PURCHASED CONTENT, select any content.

4: To DOWNLOAD, select DOWNLOADS and download to your devices.

If your still a little unsure how to navigate our site, check out this short tutorial video HERE.

Id like to list a download with you, how do I do that?

On the top menu bar, select ALL THE STUFF, then select WANT TO JOIN US. All the details are there.

How much do you take from creators downloads?

We split 80/20% with all our creators, paid instantly. We believe it’s the best deal in our industry.

Are my download videos secure with you?

We have put a lot of work into securing all videos hosted with us, of course its impossible to stop someone standing into front of a screen with a mobile device and recording it. We have done our best to make sure no one can download from our server storage without the proper authorisation.